ALLERSEELEN/H.E.R.R./PARZIVAL & Others at Darkland Fire Festival III, Estonia on 8 Dec 2012


Neofolk/Dark Folk & Industrial festival Darkland Fire III  is being held at Rakvere Rahvamaja, Estonia on 8th December,  2012.

The musicians for this year’s festival are:

– PARZIVAL (DK/RU) (Martial Industrial)

– H.E.R.R. (GB/NL/FI) (Neofolk/Neoclassical/Industrial)

– ALLERSEELEN (AT) (Electronic Folklore/Industrial Folklore/Apocalyptic Krautfolk)

– TZOLK`IN (FR/BE) (Dark Ambient/Ritualistic Tribal/Experimental Electronica)

– EMPUSAE (BE) (Tribal Industrial/Ritual Folk/Dark Ambient)

– FLINT GLASS (FR) (Cinematic Dark Electronica)


SININE (EE) (Dark Pop featuring Annmari Thim – SE) (Arcana, Seventh Harmonic)

– DARKRAD (RU) (Power Electronics/Industrial/Dark Ambient)

– KENTIN JIVEK (FR) (Ambient Folk/Psychedelic Folk)

– PYHÄ KUOLEMA (FI)  (Neofolk)

Date: 8 December 2012
Time: 1800
Address: Rakvere Rahvamaja, Kreutzwaldi 2, Rakvere, Estonia
Ticket Prices: 15/19/23/25 EUR

Tickets available from 1 Jun 2012 at ticket services :
– HELSINKI – LippuRex (Mannerheimintie 22-24), Kamppi keskus (Narinkka 3)
ZebraTickets can be bought and printed out worldwide at

To buy an e-ticket from organisers, please send an e-mail at the address:

More info at

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