Thoabath : Demonologists - Split LP (Front)

Thoabath : Demonologists - Split LP (Back)


Side A
1. THOABATH – Surp Skiros (16:18)

Side B
1. Demonologists – Black Tourmaline (Feat. Skulsyr) (3:52)
2. Demonologists – Swamp Witch (Feat. Skulsyr) (3:11)
3. Demonologists – Astral Void (5:21)
4. Demonologists – Skinwalker (2:24)
5. Demonologists – Only Death Remains Here (3:56)

– Limited Edition 300 Copies
– Barcode:  5 904224 870270

PRICE (Postage Paid): USD39.99
To Purchase, Please Click Here:

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The single track (Surp Skiros) on Side A features Oakland, California based Thoabath, who draws from Death Industrial, Black Metal, Noise and Berlin School electronics. This track was started in Puerto Rico just before the hurricanes hit in 2017. It was later finished after relocating to California. The concept of the track is inspired by Gurdjieff’s concept of resisting force.
Side B features Indiana based occult experimentalists Demonologists. Here, the duo offer up five tracks of their creepy brand of blackened noise / sci-fi influenced horror electronics. Two of the five tracks feature additional contributions from Skulsyr (T.O.M.B.). The material found in this collection conjures up images of demonic summoning and exorcisms, witchcraft, supernatural folklore, death worship, and the infinite void of space.

Please direct all enquiries to:

4iB Records
PO Box 206
Singapore 914007


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