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PAUL TAYLOR (Ex-Sutcliffe Jugend / Sutcliffe No More) – Songs From A Hospital Bed CD Out Now!

SUTCLIFFE NO MORE (Ex-Sutcliffe Jugend) – Domestic 2xCD Out Now!

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NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS / FRAG (Head of David / Tunnels of Āh) – Esoteric Sedition CD Out Now!

New Distro & Restock Titles from Cold Spring Records!

Review of M.B. (Maurizio Bianchi) – The Sacral Inhabitat CD (4iB047) by Progress Report

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> SICKNESS, GUILTY C, INCAPACITANTS, PAIN JERK, 黒電話666 (BlackPhone666), SPORE SPAWN & DAVE SKIPPER Live in Tokyo (14 June 2014)