Y-Ton-G, Asmus Tietchens, Kouhei Matsunaga
Yair Yona (יאיר יונה)
Yellow Swans / Oakeater
Yen Pox

Y-Ton-G, Asmus Tietchens, Kouhei Matsunaga ‎– YAK CD (mv13)
(Genre: Experimental, Abstract, Musique Concrète)

1. K – A
2. K – Y
3. A – YK
4. A – Y
5. A – K
6. Y – AK
7 Y – A
8. Y – K

Price (Postage Paid) – USD16

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Yair Yona (יאיר יונה) ‎– Sword LP
(Genre: Post Rock, Experimental)

Side A
A1. דמדומים על קו בר-לב | Twilight time at Bar Lev Line
A2. סיר בשר | Sir Bassar
A3. שבעה ימים בעלטה | Seven Days in Complete Darkness
A4. מחכה | Waiting
A5. ההליכה לדלת סגורה | Walking Towards the Closed Door

Side B
B1. חרב | Sword
B2. 2:37 כל לילה כבר 43 שנה
83. נשימות החול האחרונות | The Sand’s Last Breaths
B4. תום | Innocence
B5. השכם השכם בבוקר | Early In The Morning

Price (Postage Paid) – USD34

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Yellow Swans / Oakeater ‎– Split LP (BH-23)
(Genre: Noise, Experimental, Ambient)

Side A
A1. Yellow Swans – Inhabitants

Side B
B1. Oakeater – An Open Entrance
B2. Oakeater – The Keeper
B3. Oakeater – Time Dilation

Price (Postage Paid) – USD30

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Yen Pox ‎– Between The Horizon And The Abyss CD (TumorCD85)
(Genre: Dark Ambient)

1. The Awakening
2. White Of The Eye
3. Cold Summer Sun
4. In Silent Fields
5. Grief Ritual
6. Ashen Shroud
7. Tomorrow In Ruins
8. The Procession

Price (Postage Paid) – USD17

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Yen Pox ‎– Beyond The Horizon And The Abyss 2xLP (BURNINS02)
(Genre: Dark Ambient)

Side A
A1. The Awakening
A2. White Of The Eye

Side B
B1. Cold Summer Sun
B2. In Silent Fields

Side C
C1. Grief Ritual
C2. Ashen Shroud

Side D
D1. Tomorrow In Ruins
D2. The Procession

Price (Postage Paid) – USD42

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Yen Pox ‎– Blood Music 2xCD (TumorCD41)
(Genre: Dark Ambient)

Disc 1
1. Infinite Domain
2. Twilight Eternal
3. Purgatorio
4. Descent
5. Illuminate
6. Absolute Zero
7. Beneath The Sun

Disc 2
1. Dervish
2. Suction
3. Head Shot
4. Thin | Empty
5. Virus
6. Hollow Earth
7. Summer Skin

Price (Postage Paid) – USD24

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Yen Pox ‎– Universal Emptiness 10″ (SUB-14)
(Genre: Dark Ambient, Drone)

Side A
A1. Above

Side B
B1. Below

Price (Postage Paid) – USD18

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