New Distro & Restock Titles from Cold Spring Records!

1. Coil ‎– A Guide For Beginners – The Voice Of Silver / A Guide For Finishers – A Hair Of Gold 2xCD
2. Nytt Land ‎– Fimbulvinter CD
3. FM Einheit ‎– Exhibition Of A Dream 2xCD
4. Himukalt ‎– Knife Through The Spine CD
5. Jagath ‎– Devalaya CD
More at:

Ambient Avant Garde Consumer Electronics Current 93 Dark Ambient Death Industrial Death in June Drone EBM Experimental Experimental Noise Folk goth Gothic Harsh Electronics Harsh Noise Harsh Noise Wall Hijokaidan HNW Incapacitants Industrial Japanoise Junko Kevin Tomkins Martial Military Folk Musique Concrète Neoclassical Neo Classical Neofolk Neo Folk Neo Industrial Noise nurse with wound Paul Taylor Post Industrial Power Electronics Rhythm & Noise Rhythmic Noise Sound Art Soundscape Steven Stapleton Sutcliffe Jugend Throbbing Gristle Whitehouse

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