Sutcliffe Jugend - SLAVES 6CD Box Set
Sutcliffe Jugend - SLAVES 6CD Box Set

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND – S L A V E S 6xCD Box Set (4iB023):

DISC ONE (Theatre Of Cruelty)
1) With A Cold Heart (6:38)
2) Woe Betide (12:37)
3) The Illusion Of Ego (5:03)
4) Cutting Room Floor (5:47)
5) The Organ Donor (8:22)
6) Wasting (15:13)

DISC TWO (Theatre Of Imagination)
1) Machine Lake (9:26)
2) No Saints Will Die (7:56)
3) To Rise Above The Shit For One Glorious Moment (8:24)
4) Hollow (6:20)
5) Confronted By Memory (4:07)
6) Yield (4:42)
7) How The Broken Fall (5:54)
8) Lulls (5:27)
9) Loom (6:17)

DISC THREE (Theatre Of Innocence)
1) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part One) (5:05)
2) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part Two) (2:32)
3) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part Three) (5:50)
4) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part Four) (5:22)
5) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part Five) (3:58)
6) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part Six) (4:20)
7) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part Seven) (7:06)
8) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part Eight) (4:51)
9) The Golden Age Of Innocence (Part Nine) (7:45)

DISC FOUR (Theatre Of The Absurd)
1) Laughing Song (5:59)
2) The Vanity Of Small Differences (3:55)
3) Pipe Machine Crooner (6:20)
4) Keats (2:38)
5) Evolving Sores (4:36)
6) The Watchmakers Broken Fists (3:24)
7) Ninth Mind Jigsaw (4:56)
8) Colour Boxing (3:12)
9) Rabbit Kick (3:02)
10) Undercutting (4:38)
11) Rabbit Bite (3:18)
12) Dense Star Falling (7:41)

DISC FIVE (Theatre Of Tragedy)
1) Dead Collaborators (5:23)
2) Her Blood In My Veins (3:08)
3) Submarine (4:35)
4) Falling (4:36)
5) Found In Dark Minds (4:54)
6) Slow (6:36)
7) Night Of The Long Necks (4:30)
8) A Life Yet Lived (5:31)
9) Sinking (4:45)
10) Aversions (3:06)
11) Crushed Until Breathless (6:44)

DISC SIX (Theatre Of Passion)
1) For Those Who Shine A Light With Fire (9:57)
2) Burnt Retinas (3:05)
3) Passaging (4:43)
4) Hidden Passions (6:52)
5) Deconstructing History (6:29)
6) Haves (7:32)
7) Pummel (6:47)
8) Writers Block (6:17)
9) Ecstatic Falls (16:00)

– 6 x CD Box Set
– 8pp Booklet
– Limited Edition 300 Copies
(Photography by Karolina Urbaniak)

PRICE (Postage Paid): USD54.99 (Sold Out)

Sutcliffe Jugend - SLAVES 6CD Box Set


These past few years have been a busy hive of activity for Sutcliffe Jugend with the release of some really intriguing albums and captivating live aktions. It was during this period that saw the band develop and progress into a more mature sound and style. Through the creative implementation of complex structures and new sound elements, they have evolved into genre defying styles, while still not losing elements of the old PE strain of harshness of sound and lyrics. It was also during this period that S L A V E S was conceptualised, developed and slowly realised. From 2012, this album was already in the making. It was only after numerous edits and re-workings that this 6 CD album was finally deemed complete and good to go for final production and eventual release.

S L A V E S consists of 6 parts defined by ‘Theatres’. These 6 separate but highly relevant chapters put the entire album into the context of an abstract dance performance ‘THEM’ displayed at the Centre Pompidou, Paris in 2012. Each disc contains uniquely different themes that revolve around distinctive sound environments with varying ambience. With occasional and minimal overdubs over the entire 56 tracks, the complex sound layers are arranged such that they weave in and out of the subconscious, narrating closely the fluid movements of the dancers.

Overall, this release ‘was conceived with the intent of capturing very different elements of the Sutcliffe Jugend sound, grouped both conceptually and stylistically.’ S L A V E S was intended to remind us about how we are all passive slaves to our slowly evolving tastes, and ultimately doomed to fail in our struggle with life and ultimately death. Enjoy.

Please direct all enquiries to:

4iB Records
PO Box 206
Singapore 914007

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