> AUTOGEN / KLUSIE VIESI – Post-Apo CD (Mandat Nr. 38) Review


Autogen’s new split release with Klusie Viesi takes on an aptly titled approach through its creative extraction of sound source that are implemented in a drastic and unique manner. In ‘Post-Apo’, Kaps (Autogen) experiments with the use of Soviet civil defence and coldwar military equipment discovered in World War II bunkers in Riga, Latvia. Partnering in crime on this album is Klusie Viesi or “Silent Visitors’, who works with Soviet synths, coal microphones and UVB receivers.

This is an interesting project that takes the listener on an abstract escapade of glitches and pulses. These unique snippets of sound elements grow on you as they slowly build up into an abstract industrial rhythm. Many of the tracks start off in a minimal and random manner, at times just falling quiet into an audio abyss only to come back on again. The short bursts of squeals and tweaks eventually build up into a progressive overlay of radio static, drilling swooshes and buzzes, which slowly engulf the listener into a symphony of abstract melody.

The theme of this album is reflected well through the emotional exploration of raw minimal and industrial elements at its most abstract execution. The bits and bytes of abstract sounds generated from cold war Soviet equipment are juxtaposed with one another that create an interesting collage work of audio symphony. They are pieced together just like a jigsaw that overlay and build upon its own rhythm. The sounds generated from the unique use of military equipment demonstrate the creative abstraction of an exciting audio exploration. ‘Post Apo’ brings about the eventual hope as the result of a journey through a fragile post-apocalyptic world.

More Info At: http://www.sturmmandat.com/artists/autogen

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