> SUNN O))) Live at CTM Festival, Berlin on 3 February 2013


The CTM team is pleased to add one more important piece of the 14th edition’s program – the Closing Concert at Astra Kulturhaus – which will headline Greg Anderson and Stephen O’Malley’s Sunn O))), an influencial project with a revolving cast of musicians that excavates and expands the metal genre, remapping its coordinates with the lowest frequencies imaginable and mutating its compositional scope in the process.

The massive wave-pools Sunn O))) create are more akin to the precisely oscillating soundscapes of minimalist drone composer Tony Conrad than some flint-fingered pseudo-Sabbath acolytes. Loud though rarely harsh, the sounds start low, intensifying incrementally until they’ve transformed the entire listening area into a dank chamber teeming with elegant sustain. Adding to the sensory overload of the Sunn O))) experience, the duo obscures themselves in clouds of thick fog, dressing in hooded robes, periodically thrusting guitars toward the sky.

While CTM has hosted diverse projects by Sunn O)))’s core musicians over the years (Burial Chamber Trio, KTL, Aethenor etc), 2013 marks the first time that conditions were in place to present this celebrated project, and is also the first time the band performs in Berlin since 2009. Supporting act TBC.

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