NURSE WITH WOUND (Steven Stapleton & Andrew Liles) Live in Barcelona – 12 Oct 2012


Steve Stapleton and Andrew Liles have had a hand in writing a large part of the wildest and (not so) secret history of exploration in sound: a history that includes such fireproof and conclusive experiences as Nurse With Wound or Current 93 as well as a whole range of musical and artistic practices that blow up the theoretical boundaries between industrial darkness, dada humor and John Cage. The first night of LEM at MACBA will be an occasion for, building on these resounding threads, take things a whole lot further. After all, neither Stapleton nor Liles are at home with a discourse based on mandatory references or celebratory remnants. Their meeting will no doubt have the unpredictable, flashing and deafening beat of an objet trouvé by Lautréamont. Insisting on the extraordinary nature of the occasion is for cowards, without a doubt.

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