Sutcliffe Jugend/Peter Sotos/Consumer Electronics (Philip Best) & ExWorks Live in Paris on 23 Feb 2012

Les Sons Paranormaux présents Music from Gamy Meat featuring:

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND (UK) (Power Electronics)
(More info at:

PETER SOTOS (US) (Presentation & Film Projection)

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS (UK/US) (Feat. Philip Best, Sutcliffe Jugend & Guests) (Power Electronics)
(More Info at

EXWORKS (FR) (Ambient Noise/Experimental)
(More Info at:

More Info at:

Le Klub
14 rue Saint Denis 75001 Paris
M° Châtelet les Halles
Ouverture des portes 21h00
Premier concert 22h00
Cost: 10Euros

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