New Distro Titles from Silentes (Italy)

1. Maurizio Bianchi ‎– Lastfirst CD
2. Mauthausen Orchestra ‎– Private Thoughts Recordings CD
3. Maribor ‎– Cross CD
4. Deison | Mingle ‎– Innersurface CD
5. Gianluca Favaron, Anacleto Vitolo ‎– Overgrowth CD
6. Gianluca Becuzzi ‎– In Between 2xCD
8. Simon Balestrazzi ‎– Cautionary Tales CD
9. Corrado Altieri, Gianluca Favaron ‎– To Found CD
10. Yannick Franck & Pietro Riparbelli ‎– Whinny Muir CD
11. Corrado Altieri | Gianluca Favaron ‎– Decomposed Days CD
13. Aube ‎– Reworks Stefano Gentile II CD
14. Maurizio Bianchi ‎– M.I. Nheem Alysm CD
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