DEMONOLOGISTS – Dissociative Themes CD Out Now!

DEMONOLOGISTS – Dissociative Themes CD (4iB049):

1. Skeletal Goddess (Feat. Matt Finney) (5:43)
2. Church Of Starvation (Feat. Maurice De Jong) (3:07)
3. Seelenverwandter (Feat. Rachel Entartet) (4:50)
4. Where Did We Hide The Bodies (Feat. Wyatt Howland) (2:24)
5. Examine the Body (5:05)
6. Latrotoxin (6:02)
7. Pain Trigger (Feat. Blackfrost) (3:01)
8. Sol Eclipse (3:36)
9. Submerge (5:52)
10. Vampire Slime (3:24)

– CD in Jewel Case
– Limited Edition 300 Copies
– Limited Label Copies Come With Special Sleeve Overlay & Numbered Sticker

PRICE (Postage Paid): USD17
To Purchase, Please Click Here:

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On Dissociative Themes, the Indiana based experimental blackened noise / horror electronics duo Demonologists disconnect and detach even further into their own world of bleak and horror fueled psychological soundscapes. Demonologists have reached out to several comrades to help fully realize their vision for Dissociative Themes. Matt Finney (Clawing), Maurice de Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues), Rachel Entartet, Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft), and Blackfrost (Zoloft Evra) all make appearances.

Please direct all enquiries to:

4iB Records
PO Box 206
Singapore 914007

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