Out Now! TENEBRIOUS – Recurring Manifestations of Esoteric Lunacy CD

TENEBRIOUS – Recurring Manifestations of Esoteric Lunacy CD (4iB038):

1. Recurring Manifestations of Esoteric Lunacy (10:43)
2. Tearing the Flesh to Unbind Dimensions (10:20)
3. Those who Speak in Serpent Tongues (12:31)
4. Offering of Plague (6:42)
5. Upon a Throne of Maggots, and Filth (9:41)
6. Devouring the Flesh of Your Sons & Daughters (10:19)
7. Putrid Goat Ritual (4:25)
8. Worship Cataclysmic Depravity (9:24)
9. Achieving a Prestige Among those that Dwell in Blackness

– CD In Jewel Case
– Limited Edition 200 Copies

PRICE (Postage Paid): USD17
To Purchase, Please Click Here:

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Unearthed from the grave, comes the new release from Tenebrious “Recurring Manifestations of Esoteric Lunacy”. The nine putrid creations on this release suffocate and spit forth into a malevolent black cloak of ambient and burial mounds of harsh suicidal noise. Combining analog, digital frequencies and field recordings, this release sends the listener into a deep disturbing surrounding that could communicate or resurrect the dead.

Since 2002, Tenebrious has produced horror ambient noise. The main creator known as “the Deceased” has recorded his most aggressive apocalyptic macabre music to date. The artist prefers the (individual) listener to embrace and consume the experience within an isolated location where you have little to no contact with others. Moreover each track on this release is intended to submerge you into a blackened void of complete darkness.

Please direct all enquiries to:

4iB Records
PO Box 206
Singapore 914007
email: gerald@4ibrecords.com

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