O PARADIS – Tierra Embrujada CD (4iB031) Out Now!

O Paradis

O Paradis 2

O PARADIS – Tierra Embrujada CD (4iB031):

1. L’Africaine (1:23)
2. El Pozo (3:46)
3. El Impostor (4:40)
4. Augurio (4:00)
5. Només El Cos Pot Ser Empresonat (1:48)
6. Terminal (3:33)
7. Si Te Pierdes (3:48)
8. El Deseo (4:04)
9. País (3:23)
10. La Tormenta (3:43)
11. Ínfimo (3:19)
12. Una Polla Xica (0:27)
13. És La Ment També Una Cel-la? (5:16)

– Digipak CD
– Limited Edition 300 Copies

PRICE (Postage Paid): USD17
To Purchase, Please Click Here:

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After some years, O PARADIS returns with a new collaborative release between 4iB Records and Italian label Old Europa Cafe.

As ever, Demian’s “Catalunyan” music flows with flawless fluidity through his unique vocal rendition of sexy Mediterranean romanticism, professing good wishes, undying love and nostalgia through beautifully composed melodies.

This album is made even more unique with the special guest presence of Jürgen Weber from Nový Svět. Here, Jürgen contributes in the composition of one track while lending his voice to 2 others.

Please direct all enquiries to:

4iB Records
PO Box 206
Singapore 914007
email: gerald@4ibrecords.com

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