K.K. NULL x DAO DE NOIZE – Mizuchi Creation CD Out Now!

K K Null & Dao De Noize - Mizuchi Creation

KK Null x Dao De Noize - Mizuchi Creation CD

K.K. NULL x DAO DE NOIZEMizuchi Creation CD (4iB014):

1. Mizuchi Creation (Track 1) (20:28) (sample)
2. Mizuchi Creation (Track 2) (26:40)

– CD in Jewel Case
– Limited Edition 200 Copies
– Artwork by Mikiko Ksn

PRICE (Includes Airmail Shipping from Singapore): USD16
To Purchase, Please Click Here:

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K.K. NULL x DAO DE NOIZE – Mizuchi Creation
Mizuchi or ‘Master of the Water’ is a name used to describe a well known mythical Japanese water deity resembling a serpent that lives in and around water. Titled ‘Water Snake’ in Japanese, this collaborative release showcases the sound wizardry of Japanese experimental multi-instrumentalist K.K. Null (Kazuyuki Kishino) and Ukraines’s ambient and noise artist Dao De Noize (Artem Pismenetskii). Mizuchi Creation comprises 2 tracks that flow continuously as one. Just like the impending ferocity of the serpent gliding through expanse of calm water, the album effectively maintains its sonic equilibrium of noise and soundscape through the complex balance of structured pulses, rhythmic noise, drones and hisses with the serene ambience of nature, mythology and life.

Please direct all enquiries to:

4iB Records
PO Box 206
Singapore 914007
email: gerald@4ibrecords.com

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