> THE NEW BLOCKADERS & CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION – Negative Mass Review by Volcanic Tongue (David Keenan)

TNG & CTD - Negative Mass 10%22 (Front - Edited)

Mind-blotting new collaboration that takes the TNB sound to new levels of aural savagery in collaboration with Serbian harsh noise actionists Creation Through Destruction in a numbered edition of 250 copies with insert: this is one of the darker, more atmospherically occluded of the TNB releases, recalling, in its use of subliminal voices and vocal tone, their incredibly disturbing set at Thurston Moore’s Nightmare Before Christmas in 2006 that came out on Blossoming Noise as Das Zerstoren, Zum Gebaren. The ‘wall noise’ attack of Creation Through Destruction provides a second veil of dense, semi-permeable electronics, making this one of the most of the spectrally brutal of the TNB collaborations.

(Source: https://www.volcanictongue.com/labels/browse/4iB%2BRecords)

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