> MZ.412 – TRUE SWEDISH BLACK INDUSTRIAL (Interview by Heiko Meyer)


Heiko Meyer (HM): For those who haven´t heard this kind of music please give a brief history and a short list of the current MZ.412 members…
Nordvargr (=N=): MZ. 412 started as Maschinenzimmer 412 in 1988. Throughout the years we have had some line-up changes, but the core has always stayed the same. We released a cassette (“Macht Durch Stimme”) 1988 which lead to a deal with Cold Meat Industry where we have been ever since. The line-up of 2001 is K. Nordvargr, J. Ulvtharm and J. Drakhon.

HM: The new record “Domine Rex Inferum” is parted in three elements. What kind of ritual describes the new album?
=N=: It is based on rituals of destruction and vengeance.

HM: How long did it take to produce the new album? Did you do the recordings in a live situation?
=N=: It took us something like three weeks in the studio to perform and record it. Parts of it is recorded as live performances (especially the ritual parts) and some of it is pure studiowork – programming and mixing.

HM: MZ.412´s sound seems to be quieter, darker than ever before. What do you think in which direction goes the development to a next MZ.412 record?
=N=: Hard to say… but the recordings of “Infernal Affairs” has already begun and it is more violent than “Domine Rex Inferum”. I think we are going for a more confrontational release this time.

HM: What entails a MZ.412 concert both musically and aesthetically?
=N=: The ultimate MZ. 412 performance has not yet been done – we still haven´t found anyone prepared to pay us for it. It will involve lots of participants conducting a ritual while we are doing all the music live. This means that at least 10 people must be on stage… The concerts we have made the last years has been collaboratory performances mixing the Folkstorm assault with the magick of MZ. 412.

Mz 412 3

HM: There are only a couple of MZ.412 performances. Are there a special reasons?
=N=: We have made these concerts because we have felt comfortable with the arrangements. Also there has been great opportunities to meet fellow noisemakers in the scene.

HM: MZ.412 surrounds a satanistic attitude. Which meaning takes satanism in your live?
=N=: It is a philosophy thing… we try to steer free from christian values and morals – we realise ourselves as masters of our own reality and therefore shape it according to our will.

HM: Maschinenzimmer 412 was founded in 1988. How did you become infected within the music scene?
=N=: We were always playing around with electrical equipment when we grew up, so it wasn´t that strange that we would end up making our own music. What shaped us into making this kind of music was TG, SPK and all that early stuff…

HM: Some years ago Maschinenzimmer 412 changed into MZ.412. Why did you choose a new name for the same (?) thing?
=N=: As we changed a lot of members and also partially changed our way of expression, we wanted to mark this by changing/shortening the name… it´s a “born again” thing…

HM: In these days Cold Meat has re-released the first Maschinenzimmer 412 album “Malfeitor” in CD format. If you look back what do you think about the first recordings which are real classics today?
=N=: I love them. I think they still beat the shit out of most of the stuff that is released today.

HM: The CD features as bonus some early Maschinenzimmer 412 recordings from 1988. “Dead Broadcast” contains a sample in German language. What´s the source and what is it about?
=N=: Can´t remember… I think it was something I recorded on an old shortwaveradio.

HM: In 1989 “Malfeitor” was released as limited edition LP. Some individuals have paid a lot of money to get the original vinyl. Are you aware about this fact? What is your opinion?
=N=: I didn´t realise that when we made it, but today it is not surprising…

HM: Most MZ.412 albums contains a limited edition. “Domine Rex Inferum” is available in CD format only. Are there plans to release some more MZ.412 vinyls in future? By this way I have heard of a 4 x 12″ box called “Infernal Affairs”? Is it available now?
=N=: It is not available yet, we are still recording it. It will probably be out late 2002. Vinyl rules!


HM: Of all the releases you did with MZ.412 what has been the most successfull or best in your opinion?
=N=: Most successful has been “Burning the temple…”, probably because it attracted the metal crowd also… personally I think that “Nordik Battle Signs” is the best album we have made.

HM: How has your equipment altered over time?
=N=: Yes, it has changed a lot. We now own our own studio which has all equipment we need. Ulvtharm has invested a lot of time and money to make it the optimal place to record in.

HM: Are there any bands or projects that inspired you to do this musical style? Please list a selection of your favorite records ever.
=N=: I think we have created our own sound and hasn´t been much inspired by others. When it comes to “best albums”… hmmm… hard to say, but these three are immortal classics anyway:

Brainbombs – “Obey”
Whitehouse – “New Britain”
Bob Log III – “Trike”
Haus Arafna – “Blut”

HM: Many artists work with side-projects. Can you provide some details of Folkstorm, which sounds very noisy and stormy. Who is involved? How did it all start? Why you use this project-title?
=N=: I started Folkstorm because I wanted to create something similar but still different than MZ. 412. I experimented with different recording techniques and different soundsources to create a more raw and filthy sound. I have now stopped making Folkstorm, but there are still a lot of stuff which hasn´t been released yet. Folkstorm was a one man band, but Ulvtharm and Mrs Nordvargr helped out sometimes. I choose the name because it sounds good – it is a very harsh and powerful word.

HM: Who is Mrs Nordvargr?
=N=: She is my girlfriend. She makes some of the noises in Folkstorm and helps me run my own label, 205 Recordings.

HM: You are officially signed with Cold Meat Industry for MZ.412 output. Does this influence you work in other projects for other labels?
=N=: Yes, MZ. 412 is exclusively signed to CMI, which is good since CMI is such a nice label.

HM: What are your plans for next year?
=N=: First of all we will finish the recording of “Infernal affairs” which I hope will be out before the summer. We will also release a specially packaged 3″ CD called “In hoc signe vinces”, it will be something out of the ordinary. Then there are all the side projects of course…

HM: Speaking of plans, what items do you already have to release in the next 12 months?
=N=: There is a lot of stuff coming out; “Toroidh – Europe is dead” and “Folkstorm Sweden” both on CD on Cold Spring Records. “Incinerator International – Head on” CD on CMI – which is me and John Balistreri (Slogun). A CD with Muskel on Malignant/Black Plague, which is another project I am involved in. The “Infernal Affairs” box and “In hoc signe vinces” with MZ. 412, both on CMI. “HH9 – Power Display” CD on OEC, another noisy project… There is lots more of 7″ etc which I can´t remember/reveal at the moment…

HM: Nordvargr, thanks for your answers. Last words?
=N=: Keep music evil.

Contact: MZ.412 website

Interview by Heiko Meyer
Taken from www.pagandance.de
Pict by MZ.412

(Source: http://www.pagandance.de/words/mz412/2mz412_2.html)


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