Along with Vomir, The Rita & Werewolf Jerusalem, Dead Body Collection is one of the most known & recognizable names with-in the world wide HNW/ Static noise scene. The project was started in August 2009 by Serbian based  Aleksandar Nenad aka Dr Alex, & since then the project has released just shy of 100 releases.  The project started as a more fixed & brutal take on walled noise, but over it’s existence it has gone onto release more active HNW & ANW. I originally interviewed Dr Alex back in summer 2010 (here), so it’s great to interview him once again.

m[m]: How has the way you create your ‘walls’ changed since I first interviewed you back in 2010?
Alex: Not so much. I acquired some new gear and discovered new sound-sources which influenced a slight change in sound. I also used different methods which I haven’t explored or used earlier. I did a few ANW releases which are distinctively different from the older, brutal DBC works.

m[m]: You mentioned discovering new sound sources- what kind of sources are these?
Alex: Those are different field recordings, sound – amplified glass and some machines I manage to record. I also used some static from dysfunctional television, or damaged cassettes. Any sound source can be good, if it’s manipulated properly.

m[m]: Some of the more recent DBC recordings have seen you changed from your original autopsy, operation, extreme medical & serial killer themed ‘walls’ of past, to more emotional & relationship themed ‘walls’. What made you decide to follow this shift in theme & will you still return to the more dark, blood & macabre themes of the past?
Alex: That was a little shift in the original idea of DBC. It all resulted in my current feelings as I’ve always worked the way I feel. All emotions and ideas which I used in DBC are completely honest. Many don’t know it, but every DBC title came from a true story, something which happened to me in the past. It’s not emphasized anywhere, and should be perceived a bit deeper, but still…There are titles which will never reveal their true nature. Most of the time I try to hide everything behind a layer of blood and darkness. Since I found a life balance and finally learned to survive in the light of the everyday life, I also keep a demon inside me which I will never go away, so from now on all the ideas will be drawn from my dark and sadistic side.

m[m]: Tell us a little bit about how/why you decided to try doing some ANW with DBC, and why didn’t you release these under a new project name?
Alex: I don’t have a particular reason. I had an idea for totally static releases that would go with the themes I worked on at the time. I wanted to create a claustrophobic soundtrack for phobias and to reach the hospital odor and the sound of machines through ANW. I don’t want to have too many projects dealing with same themes.

m[m]: Of late your track lengths seem to be getting shorter (going from around a hour plus to 20 to 30 minute tracks), and it’s sometime since you did more epic & lengthy works such as: Maggotkind (Ode To Dying Mankind) – a seven hour DVD release & Dead Body Parts- a five C90 boxset. Why have you decided to go for the shorter format & do you plan to do any epic releases again?
Alex: There is no special reason for that. Some times I record specially for a tape which is limited in length, and sometimes I record how much I feel it needs to be long. “Collezione Dei Corpi Morti” will be released on Total Black. It will be a boxset with 3 tapes each 60 minutes, and each side will start with a sample from a giallo movie. The material was recorded in december 2010, and I kept it specially for a good label that could fully realize my idea. I would mention that each song was recorded around midnight, with two candles in a room with a below zero temperature. I wanted to achieve a dark and cold atmosphere. I got another idea to record a few tracks which are longer than an hour without any samples or variations. I want to bring back the time of black and monolithic HNW, since today’s HNW has become too colorful for my taste. I think the bestial spirit of HNW has been desecrated, and that the old brutal and dark side of HNW should come back!

m[m]: The “Collezione Dei Corpi Morti” set sounds very interesting with it’s giallo movie theme- this sounds like it’s going back to origins of HNW covering similar themes to early 2000’s releases from the likes of The Rita, & Richard Ramirez’s many giallo themed projects. Is this what your trying to do with this release? What films are the tapes themed around? And when is the set due out?
Alex: With this release I want to put HNW back where it belongs and also to show my passion for brutal sound and giallo cinema. The list of movies (also the tracklist) is:

La Casa Dalle Finestre Che Ridono (1976)
Un Posto Ideale Per Uccidere (1971)
Ragazza Tutta Nuda Assassinata Nel Parco (1972)
Il Vizio Ha Le Calze Nere (1975)
Passi Di Danza Su Una Lama Di Rasoio (1973)
Nude Per L’assassino (1975)

A good enthusiast of giallo and US HNW scene will notice that there is a HNW project from the US inspired by each movie, only not under original movie names, but rather translations. It’s also a small tribute to the projects I value a lot.
Alex: Each track lasts around 30 minutes, takes up a single tape side and starts with a sample from the movie which the track title contains. Sound is brutal, static and unchanging. This boxset is limited to 40 copies and a certain number of copies will be a special release in VHS box with additional inserts and a different artwork. The label Total Black, made sure that everything looks pro and that it contains the essence of the VHS movies and vintage look.

m[m]: In 2010 you decided to form Victimology Records- tell us a little bit about how/ why the label started?
Alex: I think the reason is the same as most label that release HNW. There was too much material that no other label would release, ideas of artwork which other publishers can’t full fill and the wish to support the projects I listen to.

m[m]: Still on the subject of Victimology Records- please select your ten favourite releases & explain why they are?
Alex: I can’t select my 10 favorites, as there’s only 24 releases out on Victimology and 3 soon to be out. I can admit that my favorite release is Vomir – Maisonbruitarchive (2005 – 2007) boxset on 4 discs. I was always a fan of this project and searched in vain for his old releases so I asked Romain if he wants to do a retrospective. He agreed and so it happened. I did my best to mix his old artwork into new, and put some of that time into this release. I think I achieved that. We’re both satisfied with the result.

m[m]: At some point in 2012 Thomas Martin from Scottish HNW Death Frees Every Soul project became joint owner of the label- tells how & why this came about?
Alex: I’ve collaborated with Thomas for a long time and we became friends. Last year I wanted to shut down Victimology because of lack of funds for releases and unavailability of PayPal in Serbia. Thomas then said he too wants to start a label but has no experience in doing so. I got an idea we could work together in a way to split the costs and do it all together. Result was more than perfect.
Recently we decided to shut down Victimology as it seems no one wants to buy HNW cdr releases, no matter how well those releases are manufactured, and the original idea of Victimology was to release only HNW, which felt a bit constrictive. Cold World Tapes is our new label and we’ll release pro tapes (they will probably be manufactured in Tapeline, and I will professionally print the artwork). We’ll releases whatever we like, in larger limitations.

m[m]: When do you hope to start up Cold World Tapes? And have you planed any early releases yet?
Alex: Probably we will start publishing this year. It all depends on the finances. We’ll see about  that later…

m[m]: Since we last spoke you’ve performed as DBC at quite a few fests across the Balkans & Europe – what have been some of your favourite shows so far? And have you ever thought of filming & releasing a DBC show?
Alex: I’m particularly satisfied with the show at HNW festival in Paris, due to it’s perfect sound and  the people present knew why they were there. I’m also satisfied with the first show in Serbia, last December. That show is professionally recorded and I hope to eventually get those videos and publish them. I have an idea to do a double release which will contain a CD with a few new tracks which will best represent the DBC idea, and a DVD with a live show, & a special live performance without public in a catacomb (still working on that) and clips I use on my live shows.

m[m]: Lets talk about your new projects- can you tell us a little bit about how/why each of the following started: Creation Through Destruction (brutal & loud harsh noise) & Nevertheless We’re Gone (Emo HNW project with James Killick)?
Alex: I started Creation Through Destruction after the break up of  [C. T. D.]  (my first noise project). I didn’t enjoy the sound concept of [C. T. D.] and I must admit that I’m ashamed of most of the releases so I wanted to start it all over. Creation Through Destruction has a serious approach to the whole thing and almost everything is done analog, to preserve the “raw” harsh sound. Soon there will be released, a few splits and collaborations and later on the first full-length.
Alex: Nevertheless We’re Gone was started by James and I, as the ideas for Dead Body Collection/Small Hours split/collaboration didn’t fit in with our primary projects. The name was taken from a Saturnus song, and I think it perfectly fits the atmosphere we try to create. I wouldn’t call it emo HNW though. The fact it has a hard and sad atmosphere, does not mean it’s emo. Themes are based around emotional and sad movies that we both love. For now we have only one album out, but probably soon we’ll start working on a second one.

m[m]: What have you got lined up next release wise from DBC & Victimology Records?
Alex: Dead Body Collection:

The Rita/Dead Body Collection – split 7” (Peripheral Records/Schizophrenic Episode Simulation)
Vomir/Dead Body Collection/Wet Dream Asphyxiation ý- Annul/Void /Nothing 7″ lathe collaboration (Sounding Session / Forever Escaping Boredom)
Dead Body Collection/En Nihil – split C60 (new sub label for tapes of Peripheral Records)
Her Skin Remembers My Distressful Pleasures C10 (Static Blade)
I Praise The Scars On Your Body C30 (Enemata Productions)
Under My Hands… She Dies On The Hospital Bed C20 (Murder Cult Editions)

Alex: Victimology Rec.:

Nervous Corps – Suffocate cdr
Dead Body Collection – Mycobacterium Leprae 2xcdr with special artwork in transparent dvd case (my final ANW works!)
Death Frees Every Soul – The Plague Carrier cdr

Thanks to Alex for his time & efforts with the interview, and for supplying the pictures used through-out the interview. Dead Body Collections blog spot can be found here, and it’s bandcamp page is here

By Roger Batty

(Source: http://www.musiquemachine.com/articles/articles_template.php?id=312)

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