> 1913 – 2013 THE ART OF NOISES (Featuring Strange Attractor, Vomir & Others) on 13 Dec 2013


DATE: 13 December 2013
VENUE: University College Cork, School of Music, Sundays Well Road


Time: 10.00am – 11.15am

  • James Whitehead, Noise is Stupid – Flat Ontologies, Reality and Noise
  • Rodrigo Carvalho, The Metaphor of Noise in early 20th Century Avant-Garde Music: Busoni, Russolo and Schaeffer
  • Aonghus McEvoy, Russolo – Mapping Auditory Experience in Belfast City; noise and meaning in urban space

[short break]

Time: 11.30am -12.45pm

  • Rhys Davies, Why Sound Art Became the Unloved Bastard Child of Music
  • Rob Gawthorp, Not Seeing What is Heard | Not Hearing What is Seen
  • Victor Cruz, Crisis Music: Futurism, Jazz and the Historiography of Aesthetic Avant-Gardes

Time: 2.15pm – 2.45pm

  • Paul Hegarty, Elizabeth Price, The Woolworths Choir of 1979


Time: 2.45pm – 3.15pm (Analogue Electronics)

  • Barry Synnott, Modular Synthesiser Live Improvisation
  • Declan Synnott, Amplified Static

Time: 3.15pm – 4.15pm

  • Benjamin J. Heal, Weaponizing Noise: William S. Burroughs’ Sound & Music Experiments
  • Valentina Ravaglia, ‘The Vibrations Between Two Objects in Relation to each Other Offer the Pleasure of Magical Thinking’: Aural and Visual Noise in the Work of Mike Kelley

[short break]

Time: 4.30pm – 5.30pm

  • David Spittle, The Lyricism of Noise in John Ashberry’s Flow Chart
  • Danny McCarthy, Luigi Russolo Met John Cage on the Corner of Castle Street

Time: 5.45pm – 6.45pm

  • Scott Wilson (with Edia Connole), The Eroticism of Silence

Time: 7.00pm

  • Strange Attractor and Guests present intonarumori concert
  • Vomir

More Info Athttp://modernismsresearchcentreucc.wordpress.com/2013/12/

(Source: http://modernismsresearchcentreucc.wordpress.com/2013/12/)

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