> SUTCLIFFE JUGEND & JUNKO – Sans Palatine Uvula CD Review by Progress Report


SUTCLIFFE JUGEND & JUNKO – Sans Palatine Uvula CD Album Review by PvdG, Progress Report

Every time I listen to Junko’s shrieking sounds I cannot suppress the tendency to scrape my throat. I am not a doctor or whatsoever, yet it is hard to believe that what Junko is doing is healthy on the longer term, and in my mind I see growing tumors in the larynx area. Anyhow, this collaboration is a great thing, both from an artistic point of view and as well as simply being entertaining. I am glad the guys from Sutcliffe Jugend accepted by Junko to make this materialize, as it is a valuable addition to their catalogue that consists mainly of ferocious outings of pure hate. And all though Blue Rabbit was not that bad it for sure was not per se all that relevant anymore.

On Sans Palatine Uvula new territories are looked for and found in vocal sado-masochism and aural fetishism. Junko’s shrieks and gasps for air when mimicking nonhuman noises but very unlike the tradition of oldskool power electronics (Junko is a long time member of Hijokaidan and Sutcliffe Jugend can be considered as pioneers in this genre), there is no sheer brutality, or at least not sonically. Sometimes, and probably thoughts are catalyzed by Mr. Tomkins & Mr. Taylor’s misogynist intellectual legacy (I never met a woman that didn’t deserve to die, etc), the image settled in my mind of Junko being tortured by these 2 gentlemen, and most of that being recorded and released here. But Junko proves to be tough, and as she doesn’t give in she succeeds in many ways. She uses her voice as an instrument sounding like horny male monkeys or dying whales and the patterns the shrieks follow resemble nagging schoolgirls sometimes more than sheer violence.

With a female for sure there is more fun and it also invalidates the link with misogyny to some extent, as Tomkins and Taylor accept a role in the background, creating structures and a stage for Junko. This works, as it gives the rather one dimensional sounding experimental noise Sutcliffe Jugend were exploring after their ultraviolent masterpieces they released late nineties, contains newly sourced adrenaline, ferocity, and as I stated earlier, again some pleasure. Released by Asian based 4iB records. PvdG.

(Source: http://www.progress-report.co.uk/Reviews/S/SJ%20and%20Junko.htm)

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