The Grey Wolves are a British Industrial music group. They were formed in 1985 by Dave Padbury and Trevor Ward.

The band has been credited with pioneering the ‘death industrial’ subgenre in industrial music. Their work has also been described as ‘dark ambient’ and as ‘power electronics’. They have not limited themselves to simply producing music however, but engage in what they describe as “Cultural Terrorism”, issuing manifestos, pamphlets and utilizing the mail art network to get their message across, as well as being an active part of the cassette culture. The Grey Wolves have issued many tapes of their own music. They ahve also been responsible for creating Death Pact International, under whose name anyone was free to record their work, and released their own, and others, collaborations on cassette under this moniker. As well, both members have their own tape label, Open Wound and Sol Niger, both focusing on industrial music.


The Grey Wolves frequently collaborate with other groups. Some of these bands include Academy 23, Kapotte Miziek, Macronympha, Pyschic Workshop, Shock City, Streicher, Sudden Infant, Vandal X, Vidna Obmana, and most often Con-Dom, with whom they have released many split recordings as well.


The Grey Wolves are controversial because of their use of fascist imagery and have been criticized for this aspect of their presentation. However, while acknowledging the criticism, the group does not apologize for this, instead insisting it is an integral part of their critique of society.

(Source: http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/The-Grey-Wolves)

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