> ALLERSEELEN Interview by Noiseist (2000)


Aorta is an art organisation run by Kadmon, leader of Allerseelen well-known European post-industrial act. He also writes very interesting zines called Aorta and Ahnstern. Each issue is linked to a specific subject. Their publication has now been stopped as Kadmon intended to concentrate much more on his music. Allerseelen last CD is called “Venezia”. This CD seventy minutes long was inspired by various magical mystery tours to the fascinating surrealistic city Venezia. It contains various poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, Ezra Pound, Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean Cocteau. Then some US dates are planned in September. Ajna in the United States should release a CD with early Allerseelen recordings, it will probably be called Heimliche Welt (Stealth World)

Can you tell us why did you choose the photo of Leni Riefenstahl for your EP Alle Lust will Ewigkeit / Traumlied? How do you consider her works? Can you explain both track concepts?
I chose the photo of Leni Riefenstahl. She was and still is a beautiful and powerful woman. She reminds me of the Tarot card Forza – the woman or goddess with the lion. I recently saw her in a documentary – she is still very charming, very active. I sent some copies of this blue vinyl 7″ release to her in Bavaria and got a very friendly answer. She was amazed and surprised by this release. She was a dancer before her career as filmmaker. One of her dances was called Traumblüte – Dream Blossom. I dedicated this 7″ to her because Traumlied means Dream Song and Alle Lust will Ewigkeit (All Lust Wants Eternity) has for me a deep connection to Leni Riefenstahl’s beautiful movie Das blaue Licht (The Blue Light) about a girl living in the mountains, guarding a grotto with blue crystals. This blue light is the reason why I chose the colours silver and blue for the 7″. I also wanted to release something, which is easier to listen to by people who are not that much into the darker, industrial works of Allerseelen. Though I am not really sure whether she really liked the songs. Due to the Allerseelen maxime to collaborate only with the very best artists, I contacted her some days ago again: I invited her to contribute exclusive and unique artwork for a 7″ “Canco de somni/Marques de Pubol” I am preparing with the female Catalonian singer Rosa Solé from the group Circe. I am still waiting for a positive or negative answer.


What about your future releases for ALLERSEELEN?
I am preparing this 7″ release with two songs. Rosa Solé translated my texts into Catalan. One song is a cover version of the old Allerseelen song Traumlied. The other one is a new recording about the strange relationshipbetween Amanda Lear and Salvador Dali, about her last visit in his castle – this song is called Marquès de Púbol. These songs are very beautiful – Leni Riefenstahl might like them too – maybe. The singer of this 7″ “Canco de somni/Marques de Pubol” is Rosa Solé is participating also to the project Circe.

I am already working on the CD Abenteuerliches Herz which is inspired by a surrealist book by the German poet Ernst Jünger about dreams and plants and landscapes. Some songs already have finished. Some of them have a Spanish touch – I spent some time in this country due to various reasons and will go there again very soon. I am also preparing a split 7″ with Allerseelen and Dakshineswar. Dakshineswar is a band from Barcelona, I really love their music. It is sounding like Allerseelen “Traumlied”, DAF “Der Räuber und der Prinz” and little bit like Novy Svet. I am also thinking to produce a CD from Dakshineswar: DAKSHINESWAR@infonegocio.com


Have you issued new editions of your magazines Aorta and Ahnstern?
No – Aorta was stopped with issue 20. Most issues are still available, some are already sold out and won’t be reprinted. The last Ahnstern issue IX dealt with the German UFO engineer Andreas Epp who died two years ago in Bavaria – he was involved in the construction of flying disks in 1933-1945 and continued his researches after the war. Again: Bavaria – a very beautiful, magical, powerful landscape with lots of artists and researchers. Also the mystical writer Gustav Meyrink and the occult composer Carl Orff lived there, very close to the house of Leni Riefenstahl. I grew up quite close to this region. I have been there again some days ago – good friends of mine are trying to make alive again the fin-de-siècle atmosphere of Munich one hundred years ago.


  • AORCDOl Cruor
  • AORCDO2 Gotos=Kalanda
  • AORCDO3 Sturmlieder
  • AORCDO4 Stirb und Werde
  • AORCD05 Neuschwabenland
  • AORCD06 Venezia


  • “Bluttaufe” on compilation CD Mysteria Mithrae by Athanor
  • “Sturmlied” on the 2xCD compilation Riefenstahl by VAWS
  • “Gletscherlicht” on compilation CD Cavalcare la Tigre by Sigill
  • “Alle Lust will Ewigkeit” & “Traumlied” on compilation CD The Nitha Fields by Ultra
  • “Flamme” on compilation CD Lucifer Rising by Athanor


C/O Petak Postfach 778, A-1011 Wien AUSTRIA.
email: allerseelen@hotmail.com

(Source: http://noiseist.free.fr/interview_ALLERSEELEN.html)

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