> VOMIR Interview By John Wisniewski (2011)


This interview is with Vomir (Romain Perrot), a French harsh noise outfit that produces dark power electronic sound pieces. There is a tribute paid to the forefathers of electronic music, with dark overtones added. Their newest release can be found at Crucial Blast Records and at those sites mentioned in Vomir’s blogspot-page. The interview discusses the band’s sound, as well as their influences and the reactions to this genre of music.

JW > What were your first recordings like? Were they experiemental in nature, sound collages?
RP >
 My very first recordings were early 90’s and were only harsh noise guitar impro. I did that for several years, also sometimes with an old analog guitar synth. I guess everything I make is about noise/harsh noise. 

JW > Who influences you in music and art – radical movements?
RP >
 That’s a very tough question for me to answer. I am someone who reads and listens to a lot of different things, so consciously or unconsciously, all of that nourishes my sound & work. Basically I am/was/will be influenced by counter-culture art. From Dada to TG, from Burroughs to Debord, from Aktionism to Dennis Cooper, from The Stooges to Merzbow etc… like a lot of us : ) 

JW > Are you affiliated with a political party?
RP >
 No, I don’t have views on politics, but Crass is a mandatory reference.

JW > Why is this genre of music attractive to listeners, Crucial Blast has many titles currently of this type of music?
RP >
 I was surprised when Crucial Blast asked me for a release because Harsh Noise Wall do not attract many people…. It is not the same as dark ambient or doom… to be realistic, HNW concern just a few hundred people today… but what can be attractive to my work is my dedication, my determination, my perseverance to achieve a massive monolithic harsh noise, in which every listener will find something different so everyone will have his own perception of the sound. 

JW > Are there any current ambient projects that you like?
RP >
 I do not listen to Ambient music, I really prefer drones or works on strings, the likes of Phil Niblock for example. In sound I like texture and grittiness of harsh noise. 


JW > What effect does this music have when played live?
RP >
 Some people are relaxed, some people are bored, some people are nervous but what pleases me is when the audience is just completely focused on the noise and that nothing interferes. 

JW > Could you tell us about the theme of your most recent release?
RP >
 My themes are always the same, just to disengage from people and society. 

JW > Are you attracted to the idea of music as a changing force in society?
RP >
 A changing force… actually this idea can be attractive but we know from the past that music did not succeed. 

JW > What lies in the future for Vomir?
RP >
 No change, no development, no ideas, no remorse. 

RP > Thank you again !!! 

(Source: http://www.damned-by-light.com/articles/046.html)

More Info At: http://vomirhnw.blogspot.sg/


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