> WOMEN OF THE SS by John Zewizz (2012)


I started this project in 1984 while making background back-masking for a SLEEPCHAMBER track. After experimenting with the musick I did not feel that it had the “SC” sound or style I waz interested in. But I did like the sound piece. I waz writing very sexual in those days with “SC” lyric’s so to make another musickal project sexual waz just instinct. I referenced my current fantasies and they included Women in Uniform… Dominant Women… and a combination ov both brought me to the Image ov an SS WOMAN. Sexually in control, aggressive, and somewhat ‘Raunchy’… but.. to be in a black SS uniform waz the ticket The image ov a sexually dominant Woman-in-Uniform… with somewhat exposed nipples expressing herself with sexual dominant conquests. This waz it ! In the earlier pieces the trax had little to no verbal input. So I included a woman speaking in German and gave it a very sexual title.

Women Of The SS - Naughty and Nice Nazi's VHS

The difference waz like night & day… the vocal part ov this musickal concept waz the secret… and it waz instantly obvious to me.. So I searched around the women I knew looking for a German accent. I found out how rare this waz.. The earlier trax with German voices from TV and movies waz not going to last much longer. I had female friendz with accents but not German. I started to work with girls from Hungry…girls from Poland… and finally my favorite waz a Russian Jewish girl who had no problem speaking the lines I wrote. She waz totally aware ov my concept. She knew it waz a sexual fetish and had nothing to do with HATE or anything subversive. Although she waz Russian… just like the other girls the accent waz not German, but it still worked in this fantasy fetish. For WOMEN OF THE SS to stand on its own, it had to have a strong female accent and the lyrics always sexual. I mean this iz the whole concept right ?..

In all I used 4 different girls to do the lyrics.. LARISSA waz my favorite and probally the best. She did the trax “SS ORGY”,,, ”SS BITCH”.. and many others, once you hear her Russian accent you know it iz her,, its close enough to German to work the fantasy.. Many people have a problem with the “NAZI” part ov this fetish. And trying to explain to them it iz purely sexual and haz nothing to do with jewish people or hate or NAZI politics falls on deaf ears.. WOMEN OF THE SS iz outlawed in Germany. There are admirers who live in Germany and understand the whole concept and are into the image. They admire the whole fetish aspect behind the title and the image.


There are those who will not stand for an explanation ov WOMEN OF THE SS. To them it iz offensive and perverted. Which iz their human right to express and I can understand this… I feel that we do not have to go into a History lesson to understand the image. But what even intellectuals even fail to realize iz that the more you make something a “Weapon”… the more vicious and powerful it bekums… We need no History lesson or argument on ‘where’ the swastika even originated from… (not the NAZIS).. but like I said need no History because I am only using an image to evoke the concept ov a Woman more powerful than a Man. This part ov the threatening image goes without mention, but it iz there. Being comfortable with your sexuality and understanding your sexuality are two different emotional ideals.

WOMAN OF THE SS iz a ideal fetish because it works. The musick iz always atmospheric… the female vocals always have an unfamiliar accent and are always sexually dominant and command respect at all times. Now we could go into submission or whatever here but that’s not the point. This iz not where I explain why people like to be out ov control or submissive… bondage likewise. WOMEN OF THE SS iz a purely sexual fantasy. It contains 1: A FEMALE VOICE 2: SEXUAL LYRICS 3: SEXUAL IMAGERY 4: SEXUAL SUGGESTIONS A complete sexual concept with a forbidden image… Make no mistake I deplore HATE crimes ov any kind.. this image iz for sexual fantasy and not politics or ideals ov the NAZI party.


Well… after defending myself on that front, back to the musick… There have been many WOMAN OF THE SS Releases… (cassettes, CDs, Vinyl LPs,VHS TAPES, Picture Discs. And DVDs) the popularity speaks for itself… I had no idea it would bekum az popular az it haz. But it haz. I have no plans on releasing all the early cassettes. What iz being made and what iz in layout iz a WOMEN OF THE SS- DVD That contains all the naughty material not allowed on U-Tube-(obviously).. it iz X-Rated and will be for sale to adults over the age ov 21. This DVD iz not for sale to minors-(lets make that very clear). There iz also a Vinyl 3- LP Set with gatefold cover in production (this will contain earlier material)… and there will be a re-issue ov the CD “JOHN ZEWIZZ PRESENTS HIZ INFAMOUS…WOMEN OF THE SS”. There haz been offers for me to release some 7” vinyl singles but I have not gotten the right offer. So that will sit for a bit. There iz also a “New” WOMEN OF THE SS –CD being recorded. The musick iz recorded and I am waiting for the vocals currently to finish up the trax. For you who do not know… this concept haz cost me many unwanted headaches… but it iz my expression… my fantasy… my fetish… my art… and my fucking work… so if you do not like it.. then look away… it iz not being broadcast in your face… it iz hidden on the internet and on U-Tube you have to search for it…. SO…. do not fucking tell me how it offends you-(I COULD CARE LESS)… I have explained the complete concept here. And if you can not understand it clearly… then that iz YOUR problem iz it not ?? My PROBLEMS with U-Tube and this image iz discussed in another page called “U-TUBE CENSORSHIP WITH MALICE AND NO DUE PROCESS”… (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU READ) and pass on this BULLSHIT…. because if you do not give a shit about MY rights… its only a matter ov time before YOU start complaing about yours…. when it eventually affects YOU directly… AND IT WILL… Sincerely for the right to expression.


(Source: http://www.sleepchamber.info/womenofthess.htm)

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