Disc 1
1. BOSSES HANG + TORTURING NURSE + GOVERNMENT ALPHA – All The Power To The People, I Will Die For Something Which Is Still Nothing In The End (12:21)
2. BOSSES HANG + GOVERNMENT ALPHA – Every Cat That I’ve Met Seems To Have A Sad Face Which Emanates The Purest Light (4:13)
3. BOSSES HANG + TORTURING NURSE – I Am Intoxicated With The Ashes Of A Long Gone Past, But I Am Still Breathing (10:24)
4. BOSSES HANG + GOVERNMENT ALPHA – What Will You Do At The End Of The World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us? (Reprise) (12:50)
5. BOSSES HANG + TORTURING NURSE – Untitled (Because Human Names Are Unsuitable For The Beauty Of Sound) (12:08)
6. BOSSES HANG + GOVERNMENT ALPHA (Feat. Déhà) – Death Is Not The Worst Thing, Losing Life Is (ピシの特別なニャー) (13:17)

Disc 2
1. BOSSES HANG + ASTRO – Naked Subconsciousness Under The Burning Cascade (Part 1) (6:54)
2. BOSSES HANG + ASTRO + VOMIR – Throne Of Blood And The Ballad Of A Thousand Crying Sparrows (Feat. Marko Neuman) (23:16)
3. BOSSES HANG + ASTRO – Naked Subconsciousness Under The Chilling Flames (Part 2) (9:39)
4. BOSSES HANG + VOMIR (Feat. Junko) – Death Is Not The Ending, It Is Just A Reasonable Conclusion To Another Average Story (ホーエンハイムの特別なゴロゴロ) (21:33)

– 2xCD in 6-Panel Digisleeve
– 8 Page Booklet
– Limited Edition 300 Copies
– Barcode: 5 902249 003383
(Note: 1st 60 label copies come with a special plastic sleeve overlay and numbered sticker.)

PRICE (Postage Paid): USD26
To Purchase, Please Click Here:

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一期一会 (Once in a lifetime) is a fragmented and anachronistic double album featuring Romania’s Bosses Hang (aka Raul Starcz) improvising on the original works of noise protagonists: Government Alpha & Astro (Hiroshi Hasegawa & Rohco) (Tokyo, Japan), Torturing Nurse (Shanghai, China) & Vomir (Paris, France). Other guests like Marko Neuman, Déhà (Musical Excrements) and Junko (Hijokaidan) are also featured in this free-forming transformation of sound that range from drone to industrial noise to free jazz and doom. The range of sounds transcend into unexpected directions and territories, all serving as the base of this album. There is a rhizomatic meeting between the different artists with different styles and different subjectivities being captured here. Due to it’s instinctive and improvisational nature, the tracks will never exist in the same form ever again.

“However, the author is dead and the duty is passed to the listener, as improvisation is forever open-ended.” (一期一会 – Once In A Lifetime)

Please direct all enquiries to:

4iB Records
PO Box 206
Singapore 914007

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